Clickbooth FTC Raid…Not


Last week there were rumors that Clickbooth, a major affiliate CPA network had been raided by the FTC.  This included anonymous posting on several message boards by someone claiming that he had knowledge of a raid. However, despite the rumors we can confirm today that these were nothing more than rumors –we have called the FTC and they have confirmed additionally that there was no raid on Clickbooth.

According to an insider within Clickbooth, this was a rumor by a competitor who had been kicked off their network for compliance violations.

In fact, Clickbooth points out that they were ahead of the game in compliance, and as early as 2008 were trying to inform the industry about their compliance efforts and the standard that should be followed. They point out that they were one of the first companies to provide compliance education to their affiliates and still provide up to date information about what is not only legal, but ethical.

 Our director of Compliance, Ziare Brown spent the last 3 months interviewing hundreds of publishers, consumers, and advertisers in order to first understand things from an affiliate marketing perspective. Then, he used that information to audit the opinions of various legal counsel which led to more research consulting case attorneys and regulatory bodies. We wanted to do this because we understand most affiliate marketers don’t have the time and energy to do this type of research on their own.

Our advertisers are very supportive as well. They’ve seen an increase in order volume and in customer satisfaction. Also, as a result, backend conversions have been much higher because of a better informed consumer. We are estimating that, in time, this will increase user value to an advertiser, thus allowing them to pay a higher CPA to affiliates, so in the end everyone wins.

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