New Facebook Targeting Hack


Everyone who is everyone is trying to sell you a secret to Facebook advertising. As part of our continued dedication to providing you free information about the marketing space, we’ve done some research into advanced techniques on Facebook targeting. Facebook has even promoted the “hacking culture” and recommended that brands do so, and based on that we are looking more in-depth into how you can use Facebook advertising in a way that it wasn’t necessarily meant to be used.

Here is a great new hack technique that we’ve learned about that allows you to find targets you never thought existed.

Facebook has a great Precise interest area, where you can create new ads that have broad targeting techniques. Many people use this to target specific interests in order to market their product, but only use keywords. One of the most interesting features about Facebook ads is the ability to use Alpha pattern in order to target a wide variety of interests, but also get better pricing.

Easily explained, if you are looking to create an advertisement for Playstation, you can add certain letter paterns to find who type of interests on the playstation that you may have never thought of before. Simply, typing in “Playstation AB” and “Playstation AC” will get you a wide variety of interests that you may never have thought of, that you could target in your marketing.

The benefit of this is simple: you can then match affiliate products and giveaways that are both general interest or specific interest through the product or the advertisement. It’s a great hack that allows you do research on possible targeting and products.

The reason this is important is simple: it allows you to see possibilities you never thought about in creating ads. While playstation may be more obvious, you may know know that there is a growing “EMO GIRL” audience on Facebook who likes TSHIRTS with pictures of “DEAD KITTENS.”

While this might not be relevant to your product specifically, it might be able to give you a product to create or a new way to promote it. The ability to create amazing new target ads based on people interests, with photo and text that you never considered is through the roof.

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