Job Seekers Going Mobile


According to an infographic from, 77 percent of job seekers use mobile job search apps. The use of mobile phones reflects an on-going trend of consumers using mobile devices to conduct activities previously handled by their home computer. The study found that the main reason job seekers like to use their mobile device is that they can respond fast (results of Number One Reason Job Seekers Use A Job Search App):

  • 36.27%- Quickly react to new job postings
  • 23.79%- Being able to job search anytime, anywhere
  • 22.29%- I don’t use a mobile job search app
  • 17.65%- It is a discreet way to look for a job

Android represented the most popular operating system.

The study found that recent college graduates and entry-level job seekers were the most adaptable to using mobile job seeker apps. In terms of job disciplines, people in healthcare, finance and technology jobs were in the top five groups of job seekers downloading one of the career apps.

Search by location was also a popular tactic used by app users. The areas seeing the most downloads included Philadelphia, San Diego, Manhattan, and Canada. Users could also opt to get the general app, which lets job seekers search the entire Career Network.

PPC advertising is one of the fastest growing ways to advertise job openings. According to, small business owners in particular are looking for quality employees. Marketers that can create lead generation campaigns for employers will do well.

The challenge is to target the right audience. said recently, “An effective recruitment marketing strategy is grounded in research and audience analysis. For the best possible ROI, sourcing and advertising decisions should be based on the behavior, needs and desires of your target talent. This is especially true for mobile recruitment, as mobile devices, preferences and usage can vary greatly between audiences by age, location and background.

“If you’re trying to reach people today, understand what devices they have in their hands right now,” said Michael Becker, Managing Director of North America for the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), at a recent mobile recruiting conference.

While it is true that over 77 percent of people on Earth have a cell phone, only around 65% are smart phones. That’s why recruiters and lead gen marketers need to determine if their target audience is using a device that can access the internet in the first place.

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