Google Places for CPA Lead Generation


As Google starts to integrate more and more of its other functions into their search, I decided to take a quick look at Google Places. I’m curious if you could use Google places to drive more traffic to websites for lead generation or other CPA.  I already read about locksmiths online who are basically reselling services of other locksmiths and creating “virtual” companies that only go to a 1-800 number and they then sell the lead to another person. Could you use this to make Google Places and advantage in Lead Generation?

Simply put, the idea is to create a virtual store that links to a website that it nothing more than a virtual business that sends leads. There are tons of lead generation companies, and the lead generation of virtual stores has been for a long time. Want to book a limo, most of the companies online are just reselling limo services.  Imagine now creating a virtual store for a whole host of services by placing “stores” in Google Places.

Here’s some tips on how to do this

–       Use a new GMAIL account, don’t use your current one. Separate what you do from your other services, especially your Google Adwords account!

–       Do not use a PO Box. Try to get a real address associated with the account.

–       Use Keywords and Locations throughout, but don’t spam.

–       Try to link to your YouTube Channel. Provide some instructional videos, information about the virtual company. Traffic works both ways, helps with rankings.

–       Do not use a 800 number, that actually hurts. Virtual numbers are everywhere and paying $9.95 a month for a virtual number could help.

–       Make sure to use the category function, up to give of them, including a standard Google Category.

–       Make sure to use the service area. This will help with the search function when people search for that service.

Here’s my only question: Is this a blackhat technique or complete legit and ethical? Refferal businesses are real businesses, so make sure that you are providing a real service for the person searching.

So, I’m sure you are asking, what lead generation services to push? I’m not sure, but I highly recommend trying Rextopia, a well known CPA network that specializes on lead generation. Find a product that has many other options and isn’t going anywhere, especially if they will allow you to “host and post” the offer and send them the leads that way.`

What's your opinion?