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Prosper202 version 1.7.2 is now done and available for download. Or even better, get it Pre-Installed and ready to go with hosting partner Beyond Hosting. They understand Prosper202 better than any other host out there and will be there as you scale up to a million clicks a day and more. When developing this newer version, we looked over all the requests for features that have come in over the past few years and made a list of everything we could possibly add to make Prosper202 better.

Next we split the list into stuff that could be done now, what should be postponed for the next version when we do a rewrite. Here’s what we kept and built out for you:

    • Faster Redirects – Redirects are now 200-500% faster than before. For anyone who care about performance, you will appreciate exactly what this means to you. For everyone else, you are going to see more accurate stats, more conversions, and more profits. If you are looking for the one big reason to upgrade now, this is it!
    • Faster Landing Page Pixels – The new landing page javascript is optimized to load as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the whole page to load first. You should see less discrepancies due to this fix.
    • Mobile Optimized Stats – Have you ever wanted to check your stats while on the road? Your new Prosper202 1.7.2 now has a brand new mobile optimized mini stats view page. Load it up on your smart phone for a quick overview of how things are going.
    • Conversion202– We launched Conversion202 earlier as a stand alone application. With the new release of Prosper202, you will find it much easier to integrate your split-testing data from c202 into p202.
    • Better Mobile & Desktop Browser Support – We added better support for detecting mobile browsers. Prosper 1.7.2 detects 3x more browsers than 1.6.1.
    • 3rd party pixel fires – So, your traffic source happens to allow you to place a pixel that can then be used to further optimize your campaigns but your CPA network only allows one pixel per campaign. What do you do? Instead of having to choose between a tracking202 pixel or the traffic source pixel, you can now enjoy the benefits of both. Just place the new Universal Smart pixel and the new Prosper202 can intelligently figure out the traffic source that generated the conversion and fire the appropriate pixel for you.
    • Landing Page CTR Mod – This is one of the more popular mods developed by our friend Jasper. We now have it built in and have updated the mod to also generate the appropriate excel files for downloading. Huge thanks to Jasper for the mod and also Tomislav for the referer mod.
    • Subid Injection Mod – Thanks Mark from for this cool mod, we thought it was an awesome timesaver and error preventer and rolled it into the official Prosper202 distribution.
    • Updated interface – Prosper202 was originally built for ppc, as affiliates like you found out it was powerful enough to power other forms of marketing such as social, email, display and more, it just made sense the we make changes in our ui to reflect that fact. It’s now easier for newer users to get up and running with less confusion.
    • Delete notifications – Have you accidentally deleted something in Prosper202 while working on campaigns? I know I have done this multiple times, as of this new release you will have to confirm deletes before they are committed.
    • Data management tools– Many times after accumulating a ton of clicks, the database becomes sluggish. There has always been instructions on how to manually clear out old data from all the tables, but for most people this is too time consuming and difficult. This new feature allows you to clear out all the click tables with a simple click.


Prosper202 Deals

To celebrate the launch of the new Prosper202 v1.7 we reached out to a few partners to offer you some special offers. To get access to these deals, you must login to your Prosper202 and click on the resources202 icon or the featured resources link at the top of the page. Many of these are limited time deals and will not be available for for long so act fast! So get Prosper202 now and grab these deals.

If you are already using Prosper202 1.7 grab your special offers on the new Resources202 page. Just click the link on the homepage when you login to access all the discounts.


Our premier partner Conversion202 makes it easy to test and grow revenue. Create Powerful A/B and multivariate tests in minutes. Track Unlimited Goals (leads, sales, etc.) Enjoy the easy to understand Reports, Heat Maps and more.

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