Make Money with Amanda Knox


If you didn’t read, the Femme Fatale Amanda Knox was released from Italian Prison and has started to make her way back to the United States. By the time this is published, she will probably be back here, grateful that her ordeal is over. While it might take a while for her life to become normal, she will find that her life has completely changed and she is now a celebrity. Let’s be completely honest here, the lurid stories of kinky sex, combined with the fact she’s a hottie will keep her in the limelight for a while. Within the next few weeks expect to hear an invite from Hugh Heffner to live in the Playboy Mansion and be the next centerfold. Whatever you think of all this, expect that everyone will be able to make money from her, especially affiliates and marketers.

So you are asking, how do you make money with Amanda Knox, short of being the first person to sell naked photos of her? Simply put, think outside the box. News stories are perhaps one of the best ways to make money on the internet. By finding out what people are searching on Google and then appealing to their interests, you can often find new products and methods of promotions. While these are often short term fads, they can often be great money makers if you know how to work the interest. Here are just a few ideas:

1)      Promote a product using the news topic. An obvious connection here is to promote some sort of sex-toy store with ads like “This is the whip that Amanda Knox likes to use on her lesbian lovers.” While that might not be terribly sensible or possible on Facebook, there are other methods including promotes a book about the trial or promoting a publication that carries the story. Heck, how about pushing an “Amanda Knox” costume for Halloween?

2)      Sell the “Secrets of Amanda Knox” via Content Unlocking. Right now everyone is looking for more news about Amanda Knox (and photos it seems.) Do a bit of research about her life, most of it is public knowledge and do a small book containing stories that you can find from the internet. Put it behind a content unlocking system and watch the money come in.

3)      Make a Public Offer. Before Hugh Heffner can say anything, do a press release offering Amanda something. Nothing will get you more traffic and attention right now than if you are the first person to offer her money to do something… like appear naked, marry you, be the spokesperson for a Ronco Knives or something similarly distasteful. If you can get some press, you’ll gain additional traffic and of course, make more money.

4)      Engage in LinkBaiting for Traffic. Yes, obviously that is what I was doing here in using her name.  I’m not above that. Everyone is thinking about Amanda Knox since she’s in the news, and I knew that by mentioning her in this article, I’d get additional traffic from people who were curious and then there’s that SEO value.

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