Clickback Changes Guidelines Under FTC Pressure


This week ClickBank announced new guidelines that would significantly change the way that many affiliate marketers and “JV Partner” programs would be allowed to be promoted. While the new guidelines did not specifically address JV Programs that targeted affiliates, it had been known that there was a growing amount of consumer complaints and charge backs from the “make money” programs. According to an FTC insider, Clickbank had received some initial inquiries regarding specific products from the consumer protection agency.

The guidelines mainly specifically deal with Testimonials and Endorsements and could put a huge cramp in the marketing efforts of many of the “JV Partner” programs that are promoted over Clickbank, WarriorForum, Digital Point and many affiliate marketing websites.

The requirements that will have the biggest effect are:
– All videos must be preapproved before being put up on a website (script approval by Clickbank)
– All “limited amount”, “offer almost done” and “will be closing” type opportunity messages will be banned.
– Cannot promote that products were at a higher price, unless verified by Clickbank
– Upsells will be limited on initial orders and must include a way to immediately optout (and not have to watch more promotions)
– Will not allow products to be promoted as being easy to use, “one-button”
– As Seen on TV will be banned, unless there is documentation specifically to that product that it was seen on TV.

While most in the industry feel that these are positive requirements, many people point that they will delay launches of products significantly and not allow many JV Marketers to change their landing pages as necessary or provide new content and videos to customers frequently.

What do you think of the changes?

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