Mylife Sued for “Scam”


Social Networking Site, Mylife, heavily promoted by Affiliate and CPA marketers has been served with a class action lawsuit.  The lawsuit which was actually filed in February, but only now made public, alleges that Mylife is nothing more than a “scam.” (Copy of Complaint Below)

According to the lawsuit, Mylife used questionable practices in sending out advertising, often via affiliate marketing, that claimed that “someone” is searching for them. The lawsuit claims that this method would get consumers to signup believing that they were reconnecting with a long lost friend, and would only provide access to a “list of fake names of people supposedly..searching..together with access to a worthless website.”

The lawsuit also claims that Mylife would “hack” into address books of users in order to target fresh victims.

The lawsuit contains a list of complaints on message boards and via complaint forums from possible victims alleging everything from credit card fraud to deceptive practices. The lawsuit implies that Mylife’s name has become synonymous with credit card fraud, and that is how they made money.

The lawsuit also names founders and marketing staff members of Jeffrey Tinsley, Rachel Glaser, W.Dwight Gorall, Armen Avedissian, Michael Soh, Sharyn Eles and Oak Investment Partners as defendants, claiming that their direct actions were responsible for the “scam.”

Mylife has a listing with the BBB, but as of this writing had “no rating” and almost 1,200 consumer complaints.

Mylife until this year was a major partner with many CPA networks, and often the top converting offer because of its high bounty and ease of conversion. No affiliate marketers or networks were named in the suit.

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