Top 10 CPA Networks Revealed


I’ve been doing CPA Network Surveys for almost 10 years, and have to say that this year was probably the most successful and interesting surveys that I’ve ever done. In 2004 and 2005, Azoogle was voted by my publication ADBUMB (now ADOTAS), the top CPA and Affiliate company in the industry.  Azoogle, now Epic, clearly dominated the space at the time with no major competitor even coming close to what they did in revenue or in influence. However, 6 years later our survey clearly shows that the industry has changed enormously and the field is wide open. No one company dominates the space anymore, allowing anyone to come into the business and create something new and innovative. Perhaps that’s one of the greatest things about our industry.

That is what makes this year very interesting. This turned out to be a race between a 500lb gorilla with $150M a year in revenue, versus the relative newcomer. The newcomer just a year ago wasn’t even a candidate as major player in the industry, but in the last year has grown enormously. On the other hand, the gorilla has been a constant in the last few years, usually named at the top of the list of the most successful companies.  So without much ado, here are the top 10 CPA & Affiliate networks overall as ranked by the readers of InsideOV and OfferVault.

10)  Adscend Media. Run by part-time college student, Adscend has become one of the premiere content unlocking companies. Content unlocking has its problems, but Adscend believes that it can be a valuable tool in promoting products when working close with the advertisers. If you are wondering how to monetize online content, such as e-books, music, your own short videos of your dog in a tutu, you should learn about content unlocking

9)  ClickBank. Clickbank is its own category almost. While it claims to have thousands of products being promoted, it is still dominated by the E-Marketing Business category where affiliates can promote products to other affiliates. Clickbank has made a name for itself for always on-time payments, accurate tracking and a good way to make good money.

8 ) CPAWAY. CPAWAY has become a clearing house for affiliate offers, with almost 1100 offers in their database. For those who are looking to work with one company, and never have to go anywhere else, this is where to start… if you dare to scroll through all 1100 offers.

7) EWA Private Network. Not sure what can be said about Ryan Eagle’s network that has not been said before. While it’s not technically private, Eagle has done an amazing marketing job promoting it as an exclusive network. Whatever you may think about “The Eagle”, he’s proven himself to be a marketing genius, part-time rockstar and tooth-bling aficionado. Plus he’s not going anywhere, and he’ll tell you that to your face if you say otherwise.

6) W4. Named after the IRS form for tax withholding for a new job, this company grew out of the well-publicized destruction of HydraMedia. Now run by a great team of the Walker Brothers and the x-supermodel and super-spy, Abby Whitridge, this has become a mainstay in the industry as one of the most professional teams and companies out there.

5) Convert2Media.  Convert2Media is one of the darlings of affiliates, with a huge following on many of the message boards. They have build their company from the ground up, wooing affiliates with huge parties, great gifts and the principle that they are run by “one of the boys.” If you have any doubt how great these guys are, check out this fraudcheck

4) MaxBounty. Despite the Facebook scandal of this year, the Canadian superstar Suave Brothers are still going strong, providing unique offers and great customer service. Anyone who knows these two will probably doubt the claims made by Facebook, and also tell you that the MaxBounty folks know this industry inside and out. They’ve been doing it forever, and will always be in the top 10 networks.

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