Too Hot Too Handle? Dating Offers That Convert


Ever since the FTC started kicking ass and taking names, some affiliates have been left with egg on their face. For those who haven’t sold their souls and actually kept their sites compliant with the new FTC regulations, you can rejoice in the fact that the CPA industry is thriving, and dating offers are hotter than ever. If you haven’t dabbled in the dating niche, now is the time to ride it.

Sex sells. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it still works. The question is, how well does it convert in the world of affiliate marketing? A common misconception about dating offers is that the imagery is what pushes the visitor to take action. But, bodies are bodies, and faces are faces. You’d think images would be the driving force behind conversions, but the headline is equally as important. Looking for a playmate? Fling? Long-term relationship? Visitors know what they want coming in.  Make sure you let them know exactly what they are getting, by inserting it in the headline.

This dating offer is a nice mix of modest and raunchy. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this is somewhat modest for your average online dating offer. When does a conversion occur? When the visitor signs up and confirms their sign up via the link that is sent to their email (double opt-in sign up).

Here’s why this page converts:

  • Auto populates visitor’s location to personalize experience
  • Counter in left hand corner builds credibility
  • Segments user and collects data immediately
  • Teaser pop-up form is clean, direct, and functional
  • Imagery is consistent and appeals to both genders

Two Pump Chump

Get your mind out of the gutter. This prude of a page converts upon the completion of page two. I wouldn’t necessarily target this offer to Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain, but the 35 plus crowd yearning for stability seems like a match. Do you see it? Look a little closer. The headline – it tells you exactly what you’re getting and the body copy totally supports it. The form is clean and left aligned which is not common, but it works. The fact that sign-up is free is a huge selling point and it could be played up a little more. Nicole and Jason look related, what’s up with that? Incest definitely doesn’t sell.


Here’s why this page converts:

  • Only first name required which lowers drop-off rates (some folks don’t want their identity linked to online dating.)
  • Layout balances imagery, call to action, and targeted copy
  • Verified security logos establish legitimacy
  • Color palette builds trust and credibility (blue = security) I don’t make this shit up.

I Smell Sex And Video Games

No conversion virgins here. I’m not saying every gamer spends a lot of time sitting in front of their computer, but this dating offer seems to oddly mimic a video game. Coincidence? No way. I’m guessing the target is males 25+. This sight has me looking over my shoulder, and although it’s rather risque, I dig a lot of elements on this page. Segmenting each visitor and providing an incentive to click to the next step is where this page racks up conversions.



Here’s why this page converts:

  • Intro mimics video game targeting demographic
  • Geotargets to deliver relevant content
  • Interactivity captures and engages visitor
  • 100% FREE adult dating tagline


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