Shane Graper Believes in Hybryd Marketing? Is He Going Green?


I’m not sure what is the water in Denver, but companies are sprouting up left and right here. Shane Graper, like George Avery of GetAds left his employer in the wake of the Facebook and Attorney General scandals that rocked the industry. From that he moved onto creating his own company, with its own way of doing business and more importantly with an focus on professionalism. From talking to him and the other folks at the company, HybrydAds is very focused on that professional experience and wants to make it clear that they are not like any other company in the industry.

When did you know that you “really liked” affiliate and performance based marketing? I really knew this was something I liked when I had a crash course at Video Professor in 2004. That is when the light bulbs began to turn on and a career was born.

What has HybrydAds done in regards to compliance that you feel is important? Hybryd has spent countless hours analyzing traffic. We have been able to tie many different bad sources of traffic together. This has allowed HybrydAds to actively seek cooperation between other networks to keep a running list of those bad sources. We can share info without giving away secrets.

What do you look for in affiliates that help you know they might be a good choice to approve? First and foremost, can their information be validated? Hybryd does communicate with every Affiliate so that we know how we can provide the best service. We have moved mostly to a referral-based process to make approvals less painful. We still do approve a limited amount of applications and always welcome referrals.

You used DirectTrack while at, what made you guys go with LinkTrust instead of the platform you knew? I’ve worked with several tracking platforms in the past so when weighing the choices that were out there for Tracking we looked at four things: Accuracy in Tracking, Growth, Reporting, and Cost. Comparing these across the available platforms LinkTrust won hands down.

Do you see this industry as “affiliate marketing” or “performance marketing” and any reason? Looking at this industry as only affiliate marketing is too microscopic. This industry has evolved into performance marketing from affiliate marketing. The Performance model includes the diversity of marketing that is available across our industry. Others might say its just semantics though.

What do you think of the industry groups like the Performance Marketing Association? Is there a need for a representative group? The PMA is great for creating a collective voice in our industry. I do think that there needs to be a representative group but the trick is getting everyone in the industry involved and cooperating.

If you could pitch an airline to use performance based advertising, what would you do? Performance based advertising could help offer more value to their customers. An airline could for example monetize the viewing of in air TV and movies with products and services. Why not try to improve marketing to a captive audience with nowhere to go for the duration of a flight. I could go on about data monetization but I wont. They are doing a bit of performance based advertising already; I was on a flight recently that tried to sign passengers up for a credit card with miles as an incentive. The only issue is it wasn’t interactive and flight attendants aren’t always the best sales force.

What exclusive offers would you like to introduce to our readership? We have been working hard to develop our own Education portal, In addition we are getting ready to launch our own insurance portal that you can get a sneak peak of at

What do you think of adware or contextual advertising? Like any other form of advertising it can be effective if used with in the correct guidelines. We all know how successful the Search engines have been at it.

What are the benefits and risks? The benefits are that it can be extremely targeted and valuable to the consumer. The only concern of course will be regarding privacy.

What are you planning to do for the next 6 months of 2011? Without giving away all network secrets we are focusing pretty heavily on technology.

The Denver area in the last few years has become a new mecca of major CPA Networks, from GetAds, Intela & AdPerio. What do you like about the area and what makes you stay here? There is only one thing that Colorado doesn’t offer and that’s an ocean. Other than that, there is nothing you can’t find or do here. You can drive an hour in any direction and find a different climate or landscape for any activity.

If you could move HybrydAds to any other place besides Denver, where would it be? I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. If we did move it would either have to be a tropical island or a place that has a comparable climate with Denver.

What would be your dream car? My Dream Car would be a Truck. Fully loaded, Full Size, and good on gas. Is that too much to ask for?

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