After many months of development, we have released the latest version of Offervault, which has been totally re-written from the ground up. Aside from several new features that you can take advantage of right now, the new system lays the groundwork for the rest of our planned upgrades throughout the rest of 2011.

The new ADVANCED SEARCH button provides new search capabilities including searches by NETWORK, CATEGORY, ALLOWED TRAFFIC TYPE, COUNTRY and PAYOUT RANGE.

The new SEARCH PREFERENCES button allows you to fully customize your search experience with settings tailored to the way you like to work. This includes an updated interface making email alerts
even easier to set up and use. Email alerts allow you to be notified automatically when new offers come out that match your pre-set
search criteria.

Look for the new STAR in the search box to show a drop down of your favorite searches, which you can save and recall with a simple click of the mouse.

Don’t forget to check the WEBINAR tab too. We have added new search capabilities so that you can more easily search among the 75+ archived webinars to find just the topics that you are looking
for, by both keyword and presenter.

In another big change, we have opened up the system to allow un-registered users to use the main search function. You still need to register and be logged in to take advantage of most of the more
advanced features, but since you are receiving this email, you are already registered.

We have included a new video tour that you can watch to get an overview of all the new features.

I hope you enjoy the new Offervault and all the new features that are now available to you. This is going to be a big year for Offervault, so keep a look out for more great features to come.

Please let us know what you think! Your feedback it very important to us.

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