Ways to Ensure Profitability with 7Search


It’s the New Guy, back again with lessons learned and wishing to share my insight with you. I’d like to believe that the most effective way to go about doing things is with a balanced effort. I try to balance my life out physically, emotionally and mentally in order to maintain a positive feeling of accomplishment and direction.

In my opinion a balanced approach could be used for helping your campaigns convert well on 7search. Balancing out all the factors it takes to create sales and generate revenue for yourself or your company is pivotal to this system. These components include bidding competitively, picking the right keywords, choosing the most effective match type, editing your ad copy, monitoring your progress, examining your results, and adjusting as you go.

7Search has taken steps in redesigning the Dashboard and improving the advertiser interface. This was accomplished with the redesign of the 7Search Advertiser page. In my opinion, this is designed specifically for novice computer users, not just advertisers new to the field. It is set up to ensure that you are able to methodically fill out your campaign correctly and fully. The language is clear and it is also very well organized for easy comprehension. Having this kind of hands on ability gives the advertiser the tools to conduct ad testing to help make sure they are running the most profitable campaigns.

Another step in creating a “zen-like” balance for 7search campaigns is picking the right keywords. When selecting keywords, be sure to add those with the highest volume of monthly searches whenever possible and be sure that they are relevant to your products and services. Perhaps you have a product that belongs to a specific niche. Consider thinking outside the box. One example is a person who is selling designer clocks. Try to think the way your target customer would think when searching online for your item. It is more likely that a niche product shopper will search for a very specific style or brand. Add these keywords to your list to capture searches that may have been missed by your competition. Thinking outside the box with regards to keyword selection helps you to look at your product in various ways from the point of view of a web surfer.

The next factor to consider when creating campaign balance is your bid. For best results, it’s always recommended that you bid for top 3 positioning for each keyword if your budget allows it. This provides your ad the best visibility on both 7search as well as our affiliate network which provides approximately 80% of our traffic. It differentiates your site from your competitors, and increases the chances of achieving conversions. To bid as competitively as possible, use our SmartBid feature as a guide. This amount indicates the average bid necessary for your ad to appear across our affiliate network to gain added exposure.

Let’s consider extended match options as the next step in creating well balanced campaigns. When starting a campaign, choosing the “broad” match option gives you the best chances to drive the largest amount of traffic to your site. As your campaign progresses, consider whether or not it would be beneficial for you to change your match option to “phrase” or “exact,” which may reduce your traffic but will also prevent irrelevant searches from reaching your site.

Finally, the most important step in creating balance with 7search campaigns is to remember to monitor your campaign. So many times, our advertisers make their selections and then fail to adequately review their campaign’s progress. If you should be outbid by another advertiser, your bids will fall in rank and this will cause your click-through ratio to decrease as well. While reviewing your bids, check to make sure that you have not bid higher than necessary which will have a negative impact on your return. Additionally, stay in tune with keeping your ad copy and description updated as your product/services change. Outdated information may drive up your advertising costs by causing you to receive clicks that are no longer relevant to your site.

Your campaign is your business. In order to get the most out of your investment, your ad needs to stay sharp, enticing and easy to find. The steps to creating a well balanced 7search campaign are basic, but should be stressed often so that they become a regular part of your campaign management routine.

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