ClickBooth Explains Parties


ADOTAS – How do you explain the mystique of ad:tech? What makes it such a remarkable event for digital marketers: the breakout sessions? The evocative panels? The intense networking?

Or… Is it because the parties freakin’ rule?

ClickBooth’s parties have become such the thing of digital marketing legend that when a rumor floated claiming the affiliate network wouldn’t play host to fun and games this year, ad:tech almost canceled the conference. (No, not really.) Fortunately, the boy and girls at CB proved that was bunk — “Affiliate Apocalypse 2: Return of the Immortals” will be held tonight (Wednesday, Nov. 3) from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Marquee (289 10th Ave. between 26th and 27th Sts.)

Thao Tran, head of social media for ClickBooth, chatted with me about why parties are an important part of the ad:tech experience and why I can never remember how I got home after a ClickBooth event.

ADOTAS: ClickBooth is known for its fantastic ad:tech parties — why does the company pride itself on its parties?

TRAN: Because we work hard and we play hard. Have you seen our campus? Besides, our parties are a great way to get to know everyone outside of their suits and ties. It’s more of getting to know the industry players on a more personal level.

What’s on the menu for this party? How are you upping the game from past parties?

Hehe, that’s a pretty good question. How about having a full PREMIUM open bar? We’ve gotten a lot of RSVPs already. If people don’t get there early, they’re looking at standing in a line that has been known to extend around the block.

Where is it better to party — New York or San Francisco?

New York, definitely! But we reserve the right to re-evaluate that decision before ad:tech San Fran.

Who parties harder — affiliate marketers or search marketers? Can ad network people even hold their liquor?

We know of some search marketers who can throw it down all night and some affiliate marketers who would make the “Jersey Shore” kids look like wusses. Let’s just say that some of our reps have competed against them and have lost. Anyone up for a challenge?

Do we have to fight for our right to party? Who do we have to fight?

No, but you will need to fight your way through day two of ad:tech.

Why does my head always hurt so much the day after one of your parties?

Because that’s when you know you partied like a rockstar! That kind of life ain’t for everyone.

There was this really hot brunette I was chatting up at the last San Fran party, but I totally forgot her name. Could you help a brother out?

That was actually Clicky in a wig. But he’s gotten a haircut since then, so hopefully there won’t be any more confusion. Awkward!

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