About the Performance Marketing Association


The Performance Marketing Association is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 2008 by the leaders of the performance marketing industry, to connect, inform and advocate on behalf of this rapidly growing field.

The Performance Marketing Association (PMA) strives to raise the profile of performance marketing by demonstrating the value of this multi-billion marketing channel, which comprises more than 200,000 businesses and individuals. Continued growth of the performance marketing space is expected as advertisers, facing small budgets and big expectations, increasingly look to performance-based marketing initiatives to expand their business.

The PMA is the first formal organization representing the burgeoning performance marketing space and offering members a means to learn, share or communicate on a global scale. The collective knowledge of the community is shared and best practices are outlined, thereby providing performance marketers with the tools, information and support they need to grow their businesses.

In addition, the PMA gives performance marketers a unified voice to address issues and challenges facing the industry, such as the “advertising tax” proposed in some states. The PMA investigates these issues, maintains close contact with members, advertisers, legislators and news organizations to inform and educate and provide resource materials. The association also coordinates advocacy efforts, speaking on behalf of the industry – allowing its members to be heard while still focusing on their respective businesses.

With the PMA leading the charge, businesses will continue to grow and succeed, the quality of work will be demonstrated, and further quality participation in the performance marketing field encouraged.

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