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Affiliate Manager Tips

Do you remember this famous meme: “Being a good affiliate manager is as easy as riding a bicycle. Except the bicycle is on fire,...

When Affiliates Think Like Advertisers More Money is Made

The most successful affiliates think like an advertiser.  An affiliate is, in pure terms, an extension of an advertisers marketing arm.  That is, the...

Pave Way To Monetize Blogs

Everyone has a part to play. Bloggers say the performance and affiliate marketing industry has room for improvement. Surveyed about how they monetize blogs, they offer actionable recommendations in the most critical areas.

Survey: How Bloggers Monetize Blog Content

Business bloggers respond to survey on how they monetize blog content using affiliate programs and performance marketing. This is Part 2 of the survey results.

Established Methods to Monetize Blogs

Never mind the ebooks and so-called special reports -- where are the real inside scoops? Hear the perspective of bloggers who monetize blog content using performance marketing. This is Part 1 of the survey results.

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Kerry Curran Joins Gen3 Marketing: The Affiliate Marketing World Just Got Smarter

The world of affiliate marketing is abuzz with the latest announcement from Gen3 Marketing, the largest independent...
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Laura Goldberg: The Data-Driven CMO Shaping the Future of Marketing

Laura Goldberg, a seasoned marketer with an impressive track record, has led growth strategies for some of...

We ❤ NYC”: A New Logo with Mixed Reviews

New York City has unveiled a new logo for its “We Love NYC” campaign and the reactions...

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