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Vernessa Taylor | CoachNotes Blog

As a Technology Consultant, Vernessa Taylor works with both online and offline business owners. She writes about small business systems such as project management and customer referral systems at CoachNotes Blog.

Controversy Over Blogging For Pay

Bloggers face issues and controversy with revenue generation strategies like blogging for pay, sponsored posts, paid reviews, and selling links. How does this go over with the FTC, Google, and blog readership?

Proof of Income: Which Bloggers Make Cash?

Here’s a review and roundup of the best blog monetizing strategies of 2011, a peek into blog earning reports, and marketing insights from top bloggers. Represented are small business bloggers, mommy-bloggers and college students who monetize their blog content.

Bloggers Influence Performance Marketing

Highlights from the just released Technorati report on the State of the Blogosphere point to the gathering strength and importance of bloggers -- all the more reason for performance marketing stakeholders to increase communication with bloggers and come to the table.

Make It Easy to Monetize Blog Content

A little effort on the part of affiliate managers within the performance marketing industry goes a long way towards helping a small business blogger monetize blog content. This is no less true whether the affiliate program is part of a huge advertising network or if it is contained as a standalone affiliate program. Smart affiliate managers have found ways to get around banner blindness by offering a wider range of affiliate tools and diverse methods for monetizing blog content.

Pave Way To Monetize Blogs

Everyone has a part to play. Bloggers say the performance and affiliate marketing industry has room for improvement. Surveyed about how they monetize blogs, they offer actionable recommendations in the most critical areas.

Survey: How Bloggers Monetize Blog Content

Business bloggers respond to survey on how they monetize blog content using affiliate programs and performance marketing. This is Part 2 of the survey results.

Established Methods to Monetize Blogs

Never mind the ebooks and so-called special reports -- where are the real inside scoops? Hear the perspective of bloggers who monetize blog content using performance marketing. This is Part 1 of the survey results.

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