Lights, Camera, Action: A New Dawn Breaks for TV Advertising!


In this golden age of television, we are witnessing a dramatic resurgence in ad spend on the once-forgotten big screen. With a plethora of content being produced and consumed, it’s an incredible time to be at the heart of the industry. Our friend, Luc Dumont, SVP of Business Development at MadHive, takes us on a journey through this remarkable transformation.

The Great Screen Shuffle: As advertising budgets have hopped from desktop to mobile, we’re now seeing the spotlight return to television, particularly Connected TV (CTV). Advertisers have awakened to the reality that TV provides a premium, safe environment for reaching audiences at the crucial household level, where purchase decisions are more likely to be made. After all, it’s easier to imagine someone choosing a new car while watching Hulu than while dodging digital zombies in the metaverse.

Enter MadHive, the DSP superhero swooping in to help media buyers access CTV inventory and OTT platforms, bridging the gap between advertisers and those coveted TV screens.

Data, Data Everywhere: Of course, it wouldn’t be a digital revolution without data playing a starring role. MadHive embraces data in three key areas: identity, targeting, and measurement. By partnering with TransUnion, they’ve built and enriched a household and device graph, enabling precise audience targeting with up to 600,000 segments from hundreds of data partners.

And the Award for Best Measurement Goes to…: In this age of heightened expectations, CMOs are under increasing pressure to deliver stellar results. MadHive has risen to the challenge, offering an impressive suite of measurement solutions for media buyers. From reach extension and brand lift to foot traffic and mobile downloads, they’re tracking the entire customer journey, right down to the shopping cart or registration process.

As we tune into the new age of television, it’s clear that advertisers have found their way back to the big screen, and MadHive is at the forefront of this exciting evolution. With their emphasis on data and measurement, they’re helping advertisers capitalize on the power of CTV and delivering even better campaign results.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, because the future of TV advertising is looking brighter than ever. Thanks to trailblazers like MadHive, the spotlight is firmly back on the big screen, and there’s never been a better time to be part of this ever-evolving industry.

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