GM and Netflix Partner for Electric Vehicles


As the world continues to look for ways to transition from fossil fuels to electric power, General Motors (GM) and Netflix have come together in a strategic alliance to promote electric vehicles (EVs). The partnership is about more than just product placement, although that is a component. In addition to EVs being included in various Netflix productions, such as “Love is Blind,” “Queer Eye,” and “Unstable,” the streaming giant will take steps to ensure more sustainable productions, including optimizing energy use and pushing for decarbonization.

The two brands are working on a 60-second Super Bowl ad that features actor Will Ferrell and GM’s EVs appearing in Netflix hits, including “Stranger Things,” “Squid Games,” and “Army of the Dead.” The campaign is designed to accelerate the world’s transition to EVs, and as GM Global CMO Deborah Wahl noted, “The more that we see EVs show up in this type of binge-worthy content, the faster everyone gets used to the change.”

Netflix has committed to getting EVs into every production, behind and in front of the camera, and will work with creators to determine how EVs fit the story, without paying for product placement. The partnership also means that GM vehicles will be featured often in Netflix productions, but the streaming giant will also feature EVs from other automakers in their content.

This alliance between GM and Netflix is part of both companies’ efforts to rewrite their marketing playbooks as GM shifts towards an all-electric future and Netflix evolves its offerings for consumers and brands. The partnership is a win-win for both brands, as it helps engage consumers around culture and educates them about EVs, while also providing Netflix with a new way to partner with brands. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, this partnership between GM and Netflix is a sign that the world is moving towards a more sustainable future, powered by electric vehicles.

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