Is Your Company Committing Clickfraud?

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According to Trey Vanes, the head of marketing at click fraud protection service Polygraph, click fraud has become so common that it is now a normal part of the online advertising ecosystem. He notes that no advertiser is immune to click fraud and that most advertising networks are not doing enough to prevent it from occurring.

Vanes also points out that the type of people committing click fraud has expanded beyond organized crime gangs and technically-savvy fraudsters. He notes that more and more ‘legitimate’ companies are engaging in click fraud, with some even being listed on the Nasdaq.

While Vanes acknowledges that it may be difficult for advertising networks to detect click fraud, he argues that if they made a bigger effort to do so, it would go away. He encourages advertisers to protect themselves by using a click fraud prevention service like Polygraph.

Polygraph offers a range of services to help advertisers protect their ad budgets from click fraud. These services include identifying which scam websites are clicking on ads, blocking those websites from displaying or clicking on ads in the future, and providing details of every fake click to quantify marketing loss and apply for refunds from the advertising networks.

In conclusion, click fraud is a serious problem that affects all advertisers and is no longer confined to just organized crime gangs and technical-savvy fraudsters. Advertisers should be aware of this issue and take proactive steps to protect their ad budgets by using a click fraud prevention service like Polygraph.

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