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InfoGraphic: Using Triggers and Automation to Put Your Sales on Autopilot

Most businesses today use some form of an autoresponder. It’s useful when it comes to customer service in acknowledging the receipt of a query, message, or order. It’s also extremely helpful when it comes to digital products.

Trigger response programs can increase revenue by as much as 50%. You could also improve margins by up to 15% using these programs because they help you to identify prospects that keep coming back for another look. We could go on about this all day, but instead, we’ll focus on using triggers and automation.

EveryCloud – the leader in email filtering and security awareness training will give you more reasons why to use them in the infographic below.

Using Trigger Points Successfully

AI has made it even easier for CMS software to identify where people are in their current buying cycle. By targeting them with the right messages at the right times, you can nudge them gently towards making their purchase.

The key, though, is subtlety. It’s pointless trying a hard sell of your product when your prospect is still in the fact-finding stage. A more effective strategy at this stage would be to figure out what problem they’re looking for a solution to and then providing useful advice to them.

The idea here is to start nurturing the relationship. That informational email might not land you the sale immediately, but it will help improve the relationship with the client. They’ll see an example of your expertise in action, and will start to feel that your business is not only interested in what they can buy.

As they progress along their buyer’s journey, you can start sending more specific information and switching over to more overt marketing techniques. It’ll take a little longer, but your client will be far better primed when it comes to making their purchase.

You know the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink?” You could drag the horse kicking and screaming to a water hole, but they might refuse to drink out of pure spite.

What if you could speak to the horse, and tell it along the way the benefits of drinking water? Or give them an idea of how tasty it is? As you get closer, the horse is more excited about the water and wants to seek it out on their own.

With trigger points carefully placed, you can lead your client to the right solution and get them excited about it.

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