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Location Targeting Works

Lawless Research recently completed a survey on behalf of Factual where they asked 700 in-house and agency marketers about their experiences with mobile marketing, and specifically location based marketing. They looked at a number of different points, but the most important one was whether they were using location based advertising. 87% of them are, and most of those are seeing very positive results.

The most common ways that marketers are using location data in their mobile advertising is for ad targeting (65%), location-based offers (49%), customer experience or personalization (47%), audience engagement (45%), influencer marketing (43%), and much more. Some of the less popular ways that location data is used is for instant check-in services (7%), augmented reality events (13%), and weather based geolocation advertising (19%).

With so many different ways that location data can be used, it is good to see that marketers are really taking a customized approach. Looking at your goals and harnessing the power of this data can be extremely beneficial.

Some of the benefits that respondents to the survey noted were growth in customer base (85%), improved customer engagement (83%), higher response rates (83%), deeper knowledge of customers’ needs and interests (77%), and improved return on investment (74%).

The report is very positive on mobile marketing in general and location data based marketing specifically. To review the full report, click HERE.

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