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44% Of People Recently Updated Facebook Privacy Settings

A recent poll was conducted asking 2000+ social media users about how their activity on these sites has changed in recent months. This poll was prompted largely by the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, among other issues impacting how people feel about major social media sites.

One of the questions asked if users have changed the amount they are using Facebook since the scandals, and it seems that most people haven’t. 74% of users say they access Facebook at least once per day still. On top of that 26% say that they use it more than they have in the past, and another 49% say they haven’t changed how much they use it. Only 1% of respondents said they deleted their account, and another 4% said they stopped using the social media site, but have kept their account active.

When asked about privacy settings, 74% said they were aware of what their current settings. 44% of the people who responded to the poll also said that they have recently changed their privacy settings on Facebook. It isn’t clear whether the changes were prompted by the recent scandals or not.

For marketers, this is all important information. Most important, however, is that Facebook’s user base seems to be remaining loyal to the site. Monthly active users is up 13% to 2.2 billion according to Facebook’s most recent earnings report. That growth was less significant in America though, which reported a virtually unchanged number of 185 million daily users. Advertisers also haven’t changed their ad spending on Facebook in any significant way.

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