Amazon Pushing their Videos for Holiday Season

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Last year Amazon began a new option for its merchant partners that would allow them to have videos posted to the retail giant to help boost sales. The site would help to make promotional and instructional videos on things like baby products, pet supplies, electronics and more, which would then be used to draw customers in and keep them from clicking similar advertisements pushed out by Google or Facebook.

Amazon recently announced that they are reducing their cost for 30-second ads to help attract more merchants to the service. The latest feature to boost these videos is called, ‘enhanced brand content’ and is designed to directly ‘speak’ to those who are considering a product purchase to help push them to make a positive decision.

Amazon is one of a shrinking number of retail and social sites that still relies largely on images and text to promote their products. Most users today are more attracted to video, which is why this is such an important aspect of most people’s online experience.

The enhanced brand content video pilot program will bring in smaller merchants in many new categories. Even though these smaller merchants don’t have the huge budgets that many big-name brands bring to the table, there are millions of them to work with.

A brand having the ability to post a well-made video directly on their sales page, or on a search results page where consumers may land, has a huge amount of potential. Any merchants selling through Amazon should work with their account reps or setup their own video services to begin taking advantage of this option.

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