IntimateRider has just announced their new affiliate program, which is available through the popular affiliate platform.  IntimateRider sells a line of products which are specifically designed to enhance sexual mobility and ability for those with physical challenges.  Products range from chairs which provide the right levels of support to items that can help those who have limited or no muscle control in their lower body.

The affiliate program is set up to provide a 10% commission on all sales that an affiliate drives through their site.  Like most performance marketing programs, marketers will need to drive online traffic by using links and other methods to the IntimateRider website.  Depending on the total price of a sale, the commissions through this program could add up to be quite significant.

This new program will undoubtedly attract many top affiliates since their products will be an easy sell in most cases.  They solve a basic human need in a variety of innovative ways.  In addition, since the products being sold are physical items that will be shipped to the customers home, there is a much higher level of trust from the customer than with many other types of affiliate programs.

The full press release on this new affiliate program is available HERE.

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