Increase your bottom line without breaking the bank overpaying for unqualified traffic by using new payout rules from LinkTrust, the leader in affiliate tracking software. LinkTrust can automatically create a custom affiliate payout for each click, conversion or lead following predetermined criteria for each payout.

“To an advertiser or a network, each click, conversion or lead affects the profit margin differently and with LinkTrust, it’s easy to pay affiliates differently – automatically,” said Bret Grow, LinkTrust president. “These payout rules make it possible for advertisers to get the most out of their affiliate programs by paying each affiliate what their traffic is truly worth.”

Setting up affiliate payouts based on a combination of criteria, such as Affiliate ID, Sub ID and click data, means that each affiliate program can be structured to give affiliates exactly what they are looking for without using up all of the budget.

“Affiliates always want the best possible payouts for their traffic and with payout rules you can drill down to the points that actually matter and pay them for the traffic that counts,” said Jeremy Coon, LinkTrust sales. “This is why performance marketing is worthwhile for advertisers, you only pay for what actually increases your bottom line.”

More details about affiliate payouts and other recent updates from LinkTrust are available in the LinkTrust newsroom.

As the most reliable provider of affiliate management and tracking software, LinkTrust powers many of the most successful ad networks and online advertisers in the affiliate marketing industry. The sophisticated ad tracking, affiliate management and lead distribution software allows clients to manage limitless affiliates on a user-friendly platform. LinkTrust is recognized for outstanding customer support and platform reliability among networks, advertisers and affiliates. Innovation and accuracy are the heart of this successful enterprise-level system, which has been serving customers and pixels since 2002.

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