There is no shortage of reports that show that high quality content is important or that an effective social media strategy is essential for all businesses.  One new report from Ascend2 has found that when high quality content is combined with an effective social strategy, however, it not only gets more traffic, but it converts better as well.

Creating high quality, branded content can be difficult for many companies, but it is important that they invest the time and money necessary to get it right.  Having content which is targeted directly at their audience is the first step toward turning readers into customers.  Once they have the content, however, they can’t stop there.  Sharing the content on social networks like Facebook, and having a strategy for getting it liked and shared is equally important.

The study also found that companies which don’t invest in great content also tend to skip over putting the necessary investment into developing a proper social media strategy.  This isn’t really surprising given that these companies are often the ones which will focus more on short term cost savings over long term profits.

When companies do invest in high quality content as well as a strong social networking strategy they get higher levels of traffic.  This is not surprising to anyone, but that’s just the beginning.  The traffic also converts at 5 times greater frequency.  This is an impressive number and really goes to show just how powerful great content can be for marketers today.

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