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How to Grow Your List with WordPress Plug-ins

With WordPress being the CMS for millions of sites around the world there is no doubt that this is a powerful way to quickly get your site up and running.  Most people choose it because it is so simple to use and incredibly customizable so their site can really stand out from the crowed.  What many people are missing, however, is that WordPress can also help grow your list and even increase the quality of your list.  There are many plug-ins for WordPress which were made to help with list building, and the following are some of the most effective.


If you’re attempting to build a list using a WordPress website, you really need to look into getting this plug-in.  It allows you to place a small bar across the top of your site which will draw the attention of visitors.  This is a free plug-in for most of its powerful features including the ability to do A/B testing, view reports and adjust the design.  For advanced features like RSS and Twitter feeds there is a professional version available as well.  This is truly one of the simplest ways to quickly increase the number of people on your list, and it can be used to direct visitors to new features or landing pages as well.

Pop-Up Domination

Most people have already heard of pop-up domination, but it really can’t be talked about enough.  This plug-in comes with virtually everything you need to bring more people to your list.  There are many great themes included so finding one which works well with your overall site style is very easy.  The only requirement for this plug-in is that you already have a subscription to one of the email marketing sites like mailchimp or AWeber.


This plug-in is designed to be the one stop shop for all email list plug-ins.  It has many great features and is extremely customizable.  It has been tested by marketers and found to be one of the most effective ways to get visitors to opt-in to your email list.  This too requires a subscription to an email marketing service like mailchimp or AWeber.

Comment Redirect

This is a popular free plug-in which takes visitors who make a comment on your page to a new landing page.  This page can be set-up as a opt in page for your list.  The real benefit on this one is that those who sign up have already been interacting with your site so they are much more likely to be receptive to signing up to your list, and actually reading the emails you send out to them in the future.  This plug-in can help create a very responsive list.

Subscriber Content Lock

This is a paid plug-in which will limit access to specific content on your site until the reader signs up to your list.  This can be an extremely valuable tool as long as it is used properly.  Most people who are just browsing the Internet looking for the answer to a question won’t sign up to something like this just to get info.  If, however, it is used on more advanced content which people don’t typically get to through the search engines than it could be a great way to build your list.

Choosing Your Plug-Ins

These are several of the most powerful list building tools available for the WordPress platform.   While they are all excellent in their own way, it is important to choose which of them will perform the best for your specific site.  This is where it is essential to know about your audience and what types of things they will prefer.  If you’re just not sure which route to take, perform some split tests and see what performs the best for your particular situation.

If you’re already on a WordPress platform, it makes sense to use these powerful tools to help improve your list building. As your list continues to grow make sure you are engaging them with valuable content and exciting emails that they will actually want to read.


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Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop
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