Sometimes, all it takes is a name change to make the world see what one’s true intentions are, and that becomes evident with the recent branding change for, a company that has been part of eBay’s network for at least 8 years now. When it began, was a place that consumers could go to effectively compare prices for products all over the web. However, it was not long before many of the more well-known companies across the web jumped into the business of helping consumers compare prices from the top online retailers. With services from Amazon and Google Shopping coming to head, and eBay have rebranded the company as the eBay Commerce Network.

After all, a company’s name is one of its most important assets. To notify those retailers currently working with of the rebranding, Vice President at eBay wrote them in an email. Here is what he wrote:

This new name more accurately reflects who we are today. As an eBay company for the past 8 years, we have evolved from our legacy as a comparison shopping site into a robust commerce network. Our strategy and investments are focused on enhancing and scaling this network.

For those retailers on the web that choose to advertise with the eBay Commerce Network, or those that have already made the choice, are able to show their products to a wide audience, on a few hundred sites included in eBay’s network. These sites include TheFind, CNET, Bing, and of course eBay. This is much like what you would see with any of the company’s competitors, but eBay hopes that with the name change, people will begin to see what has really become, and that this may give them something of a shove forward.

The API for the company’s new commerce network looks exactly as one would expect it to look and those publishers that will be using it are given a plethora of options. Integration of product listings is a heavily customizable experience with eBay Commerce Network. For those already working with, not much will change. The company simply wants to give the network the name that it deserves, better showing what it is they actually do.

In their blog post, eBay quotes eBay Commerce Network’s GM of the U.S. Business, Kristy Troup in stating;

We are committed to enhancing and scaling our network so that we can deliver new customers and drive meaningful sales by offering our merchants the broadest reach across the web at the right ROI. As an eBay company, we are focused on connecting buyers and sellers through relevant digital advertising. used to be a small comparison website that did not really prove its prominence in the online marketing community. However, the site has evolved, and with it now its name has evolved as well. This name change demonstrates how strongly eBay feels that this network has grown and will continue to grow.

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