If you are a Facebook Page owner, but you are not posting from it very much, Facebook knows it. Not only do they know it, but they want to change it. So, now Facebook is pushing Page owners to make posts from their Pages in order to keep in touch with social followers and keep up social presence. Of course, when you sign up for a Facebook Page, you are not really signing up for a social marketing coach, but a little reminder here and there never hurts.

For a while now, Facebook has been changing up the prompts in the compose box, for both Page owners and everyday Facebook users. For users, the new prompts have switched from the standard “What’s on your mind?” to things like “What’s new?” and “How are you?” Each of these of course is followed by the user’s name. The same is so with Page owners, although the prompts look a bit different. This is all in an attempt from Facebook at getting users and Page owners alike to start posting more and more. Now the company is taking the push a bit further for Page owners, by automatically beginning a post for them, without the owner hitting a single button.

The company does not provide any sort of text for the post, but rather as soon as a Page owner logs in, they will see a post started, with a link to the company’s web page attached to said post. Will it help much in any way? Maybe.

There are many Page owners on Facebook that have the Page simply so that they can have their names on Facebook, and not be out of the loop. However, these people rarely even post anything for their users to see, so what’s the point? I myself follow at least 5 or 6 brands on Facebook from whom I have never seen a single word, link, video, or image. I forgot I even followed those brands and businesses until I went into my Likes section of my profile page. Maybe this feature will somehow take a bit of time away from the process of posting to fans, making the whole thing more convenient.

But then, we must consider those brands that do post content from their Pages on a regular basis. This is going to be quite an annoying little prompt. These Page owners post at the right time and to the right audience, and whenever it is not the right time, they will have to close out of the small compose box. The annoyance of hitting the X every time one signs in however, may coax them into posting even more.

Either way, Facebook is trying to get Page owners to post content more often, which would essentially result in more consumers engaging with those brands on the network. Not only does it work out for the business, but it makes Facebook look good. Even though this little feature may get annoying for some, it is really a win-win when it comes down to it.

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