It seems that affiliate and CPA network review site is in a bit of trouble, having been caught more than once being paid to remove negative reviews. However this time, it seems that their less than ethical actions have cost affiliates perhaps millions of dollars. While in the past its been suggested that AffPaying would moderate negative reviews for advertisers, their connection with EWA has been confirmed by a former employee of EWA.

The employee, who does not want to be named, confirmed personally that EWA had asked on numerous occasions that negative reviews be removed in the last year – especially when they had information about the company not paying their bills. While message board after message board was suggesting that EWA was about to collapse, for some reason all of the negative reviews for EWA were not showing up on This practice, according to the employee continued until the start of 2013, when EWA stopped advertising with Strangely enough there were posts all over the net that suggested this was happening as far back as 2011.

Strangely enough, this site was once approached by another company with the possibility of paying us as much as $10k for removing negative reviews, telling us that “” had no problem doing it, why wouldn’t we. YeahCPA is the worst rated company at Performance Marketing Insider, (YeahCPA Reviews here) yet at AffPaying seems to have tons of positive, one-line reviews that seem to come one after another. I personally was curious about this, and posted a negative review about YeahCPA, to have it never approved by the moderator, making it clear that negative reviews would never show up. Another person posted a negative review there, and on Performance Marketing Insider, and it only showed after she wrote the owner and threatened to expose the moderation on this website.

It’s clear there is a serious disconnect with and the reality of CPA Networks that advertise with them such as YeahCPA. At least they seem to have changed their address from what was at one time a week-to-week slum motel to a somewhat normal apartment building as their “Global HQ.”

Whatever you think about these companies, it’s deeply disturbing to learn that, a site that is supposed to protect affiliates from non-payment had been in collusion with EWA to hide their payment problems. If this was the case, not only is this unethical, but could be seen as possibly illegal if it helped to hide fraud against affiliates.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? As around about networks on the message boards and don’t trust reviews anywhere, including this website. While we try to remove obvious proxies and fraudulent reviews, there is nothing preventing someone with enough time on their hands to make it seem that a site is doing well. Ask networks you trust about other networks, and they will also often give you the real information about how the company behaves, what they do, and if they are actually paying their bills.

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