With 2013 just beginning, it is time to see just what people think will happen in marketing during the coming 12 months. The predictions seem endless, while some seem much more reasonable than others. For example, a recent prediction made by Tremor Video, a video advertising solutions company, brings us a prediction straight from the horse’s mouth. The company has helped countless advertisers start some of their most successful campaigns in video marketing, and has taken the results they have seen to predict what marketers can expect for 2013 in the way of video marketing.

The company has made three major predictions for video marketing for this year, and each of them is backed with some very reasonable argument.

1.  Touch

Tremor Video begins their predictions with the topic of touch technology in video marketing for 2013.

“Advertisers will add a fourth dimension—touch—to sight, sound and motion on a major scale. We base this prediction on the growing demand among our own clients for interactive video advertising.”

The company believes that advertisers will no longer simply replace their TV ad campaigns with video advertising on the web, but will continue a very young trend of creating highly interactive video marketing campaigns.

“As such, marketers and their agencies will conceptualize and create complementary interactive video content when brainstorming their brand’s big (TV) idea. They will start to shoot extras, outtakes, content for the “making of” video and other editorial content that will serve as interactive invitations to engage with the brand on all screens.”

2. Transmedia

According to Tremor Video, not only will video advertising become a more interactive sort of advertising, but video will transform completely, into a more user-engaged tactic. The examples given are Walking Dead e-Cards or a game where internet users fight for Rome as an advertisement for the show Sparticus. Video combined with things like games will become quite popular, the company believes.

“In 2013, we believe advertisers outside the entertainment category will jump on the transmedia bandwagon in a big way by borrowing from studio playbooks. Media planners as a result will embrace agnostic planning across all the screens available to them. TV and video will rule branding to the detriment of print, outdoor, radio and online display advertising.”

3. Effective Rating Points (ERP)

The company believes that effectiveness in measuring results will become the most important factor. By measuring ERPs, marketers will get a better sense of what the actual effectiveness of their advertising is, such as how many viewers watched the entire video, or how many times did the ad lead the company to reach its advertising objective.  The company states that focusing on ERPs will prove that audience-targeting is not the miraculous answer that everyone believes it is.

“Such standards will break the myth that audience-targeting is the alpha and the omega. It doesn’t always work—factors such as publisher, type of editorial content and day-part can have a much bigger impact on engagement than being a woman 18-34. We all know that men watch ads for laundry detergent sometimes, and buy it, and women definitely watch ads for men’s deodorant, and buy it. (We’ve seen the quant and heard the qual.)”

It seems that marketers have quite a bit to look forward to for 2013, provided that Tremor Video is right in their forecasts. Their predictions seem reasonable, and it is easy to see them coming true. Until we get deeper into the year, though, all that can be done is prepare for new trends.


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