Wildfire: The Importance of Active Fans


In social media marketing, every fan or follower counts in some way or another. Each one counts as another step closer to successful marketing in the social world. Of course, there are some fans that are much more influential for brands than others. Social media is all about sharing information from one person to the next, and there are some fans of products and brands that earn a lot more media for the business than most others. The social media marketing company Wildfire that was recently purchased by Google released some data showing how important it can be for businesses to engage their biggest fans on social platforms.

Wildfire’s data statistics showed how sharing can significantly boost earned media numbers. They reported that with every sharer cam around 14 earned media impressions being generated. Also, brand can impact engagement levels through sharing, as good sharer engagement has led to three times more comments or likes on company and brand pages. Furthermore, with every 10 new joiners that a brand receives, there comes an average of 13 more people engaging with clicks or other interactions. Clearly, the more influential fans on pages should be priority one, as they can very easily affect the total number of fans an advertiser’s page receives.

After analyzing 10,000 brands and advertisers that were partaking in social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Wildfire narrowed the numbers down to the 10 percent of brands that were considered the top performers. For that top 10%, the user breakdown was weighted toward joiners for the most part. 61% of users that engaged with these top brands were those who simply joined their pages, 34.3% were those who shared page content, and 4.7% of users were advocates. Compared to the rest of the brands’ pages that were analyzed, the top performing 10 percent showed 20% more sharers and at least 3% more advocates.

During a press release, Wildfire CEO and founder Victoria Ransom stated,

“This data clearly shows that brands need to be focused on nurturing their most active fans, particularly their brand advocates,” said Victoria Ransom, CEO and Founder at Wildfire.  “Brands should give users a variety of ways to engage with them — and several options for what to do when they get there — to increase time spent on the page as well as return activity.  Brands should also give users specific instructions about what to do to engage.  For example, if you want someone to ‘Like’ your post, it helps to directly ask for it.”

Wildfire’s data shows that, in order to create more engagement in social media, attention should be paid to those users who have already engaged with your business page. The most influential sharers for a particular business’s page hold a lot of power that brands should embrace. The impact of the most active fans for any business in social media can be huge, and managing these users is a smart way to improve user engagement. Surely, the brands that have already taken action with more active fans have seen satisfactory results.

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