Nami Media Releases New PPC Engine


(Press Release) – Nami, a provider of the leading pay-per-click (PPC) performance ad solutions for networks, announced the release of Nami AdManager, a white label bid engine that allows PPC networks, agencies and search marketers to generate significant growth by developing and fostering direct advertiser relationships.

Nami AdManager empowers networks and their direct advertisers to create, price, and distribute PPC ads to chosen geographies and vertical markets through global, national, or local campaigns. It also allows networks and advertisers to connect to any distribution network or to target specific advertisers that match traffic the network has already developed within their own distribution system. Networks and advertisers can use Nami AdManager to target traffic using either exact, phrase, broad, or run-of-network matching of keywords; dayparting is also standard. Bulk upload and download tools make it easy for networks to port existing campaigns from other bid engines. With Nami AdManager, all campaigns can be optimized based on results from a conversion tracking tool and detailed reporting and management dashboards.

Nami AdManager also provides networks and advertisers with the opportunity to access the Nami Network served by AdConnect. This industry-leading traffic management solution is used by more than 100 PPC feed and distribution networks to collectively generate more than 6 billion queries and 60 million clicks each day. Additionally, Nami AdManager can deliver ad inventory to other distribution systems, ad exchanges, or into the network’s own traffic.

“Nami AdManager allows our partners to develop or enhance relationships directly with advertisers that are relevant to their business, which they otherwise have to reach through third parties,” explained CEO Alex Cory. “This will enable our partners to create their own source of premium ad inventory to strengthen their own businesses and ultimately build and sustain stronger relationships with both advertisers and publishers. We’re thrilled to be able to help our partners continue to offer more value to publishers and advertisers in the PPC market.”

Nami AdManager joins a robust platform of turnkey PPC marketing solutions from Nami, including Nami AdConnect, an XML feed and traffic management platform, and Nami AdPublisher, an ad serving and optimization platform.

Nami will be attending the upcoming Affiliate Summit East 2012 from August 12-14 in New York, where they will showcase new revenue opportunities, including Nami AdManager at their Meet Market table on Sunday, August 12. Nami AdManager is currently available only through a limited launch to Nami partners, but a broader market release is planned for mid August, followed by the release of a major upgrade in October that will include self-service and electronic payment systems for advertisers. To learn more about Nami AdManager or to set an appointment to speak with a Nami representative at the Affiliate Summit, please visit , email or call 1.310.566.7729 (in the US, call 888-620-6264).

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