A Familiar Improvement with Facebook Advertising


Amongst today’s internet marketing topics, one of the more popular ones is Facebook’s new Page Post Targeting option. The problem is, there isn’t much about this new feature that you don’t already know. I mean, we’ve seen Promoted Tweets with enhanced targeting capabilities, Promoted Posts on Facebook, and even their Recommendations Bar. All of these new advertising features have come out within weeks of one another, leaving very little time to measure their success before possibly moving on to the next big innovation in social media marketing. These new Targeted Page Posts work exactly how you’d expect them to, but I am not sure that they will bring the success that everybody is so excited about.

For businesses who use Facebook to engage with customers and promote products and services, a new way to target customers is always a good thing. According to AllFacebook, an unofficial Facebook Blog, these new posts can be targeted using various criteria that users post about themselves. A lot of the criteria are bits of information that people only post on Facebook, as other social media platforms don’t give the option. Anyway, these targeting criteria include age, gender, “Interested in,” relationship status, language, education, workplace, and location be it your city, state or country. The blog quotes Facebook in saying, “This will allow advertisers to more efficiently reach the right fans and increase the relevancy for people when they see page posts in their news feed, which overall leads to increases in engagement rates for page posts.”

In their post, AllFacebook asks readers if they think this targeting technique will be beneficial to advertisers or marketers. Well, of course it has the potential to be successful in marketing, but it is nothing we haven’t seen before. Plus, these Targeted Posts only allow for businesses to target certain peoples’ News Feeds, while every post they make still shows up on their own page. Therefore, you’re company page is basically ruined for anyone else, because when they visit the page, all they’ll see is a bunch of advertisement posts that weren’t meant to be targeted at them. Surely, this will make them lose interest right away, and your advertisement will have lost its effectiveness. Sure, it wont always be the case that Targeted Posts cause this cycle of redundancy, but it’s just an example of what too much improvement at once can do.

Advertisers are getting very excited about the numerous new methods for social media marketing, and that is completely understandable. Social media marketing is still growing and people are still curious. But, if you don’t know how successful the last method was for you, then it probably isn’t smart to hop over to a new method right away. Advertisers should get a feel for the last method’s effectiveness before moving on to similar techniques from different social networks. That way, you can see how the new things are working for others, and take the word on the street into consideration. It’s definitely exciting to learn of new advertising tactics, but don’t jump ship on old methods to quickly unless you’re already in rough waters.

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