Why Are Idiots Ignoring this Traffic Source?


As advertisers, it’s always a priority to find the most suitable and effective ways to advertise, as well as the optimal places to put advertisements. Research will often tell you that the most desired places are sites like Google, Facebook, or Twitter. However, there’s a site that just recently allowed for advertising that doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as the rest, even though it brings in quite a few users. Tumblr is a blogging network that every teenager in the country either uses or has heard about. Stationed in New York City, Tumblr has over 54 million users, and about 70 million posts per day.

Obviously it cannot compare to Facebook’s 800 million users, but Tumblr still has a significantly large number of users. Plus, with 70 million posts per day, there is a tremendous amount of traffic on the site. However, advertisers are still striving for Facebook, where the competition is high. Tumblr’s advertising competition is not quite as dramatic, and the site would probably still produce results.

Although it isn’t a place for actual advertisements, but rather sponsored posts and headlines on the site, brands could gain a lot from a membership with Tumblr. It offers a couple of options for those looking to build their name on the site. First, there is what they call on their Sponsors page the Tumblr Radar. Tumblr writes, “With more than 120 million daily impressions, Tumblr Radar showcases a sample of the most creative and interesting media on our network. Sponsors get a dedicated share of attention, with the opportunity to gain thousands of new followers, likes, and reblogs.” Along with that comes the Tumblr Spotlight, which refers to a spot on the Tumblr Dashboard in the Spotlight section, with a display of whatever a brand has recently posted. Both of the options have produced significant results for those who have already signed up.

A note that advertisers should really pay attention to is the demographical advantages of Tumblr. The fact is, a majority of Tumblr’s users are women, which gives a huge boost to advertisers looking to grab the attention of that demographic in particular. Other sites may be good for targeting a wider demographic of, well, everybody, but Tumblr could be the better option when trying to reach a large number of women all at once.

Of course, every social media network has its own strengths and weaknesses, which are what makes the decision for advertisers looking for a new and better way to advertise. Tumblr is a website for bloggers, and with blogging being a big trend these days, it continues to grow. Therefore, it may prove to be a great place to put your name, and to keep potential consumers up to date with the happenings of your product or business. It is ranked by Quantcast as the 18th most popular website on the web and has significant traffic in the mobile community as well. Many people have overlooked Tumblr as a potential place for advertising, but it does have a lot to offer.

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