Sodahead: Facebook’s Popularity Plummeting?


Now I’m sure you’ve heard everything there is to hear about Facebook. People like myself watch Facebook closely, simply because it’s been the most popular social network platform for a long time now in the advertising world. It seems that every new announcement that Facebook has pertains to performance marketing in some way or another, so I like to stay up to date. However, this may be slowly coming to an end, as there is recent news suggesting that Facebook’s popularity is silently slipping away. One company has taken it into their own hands to find out exactly how popular Facebook still is, and in effect find out how valuable of an advertising platform it has become.

SodaHead is a website for opinions and statistics, and just recently they focused their attention on the subject of Facebook’s popularity now and in the future. In a very interesting infographic, SodaHead illustrates the opinions of a group of surveyed people. The responses of these participants helps us to judge the direction in which Facebook is headed. It shows that things are starting to change in the minds of social network users, and their opinions of Facebook may not be what they used to be.

To begin, SodaHead explains that while 10% of respondents are still checking Facebook constantly, 37% don’t even check their Facebook pages once a day, and 20% said they check once or twice a day. The larger amount of respondents say they don’t check Facebook daily, which is much different from Facebook’s prime when the majority of people were constantly on the site. What’s more revealing are the responses in regard to future Facebook plans. 52% of people plan to spend less time on the site in the future. So, in proportion to the entire Facebook user base, if over half of its users spend less time on Facebook in the future, will that eventually lead to that amount of people stopping using the site all together?

Of the respondents, 73% think that another social platform will “eclipse” Facebook in the near future. Coming from actual Facebook users, the percentage of people that say Facebook will be outdone is not very reassuring when considering Facebook’s future. Especially since on 23% of respondents said they only use on social network platform, while 61% said they use a few and 9% said they use a ton. The fact is, some of Facebook’s most influential competitors are starting to improve and users are starting to like them more.

Facebook never changes much. Sure, the format of the website has changed, advertising opportunities change, and there have been new features. But, these have all shown up over Facebook’s long eight year run, and it’s understandable that people have been craving change. This change that they’ve been waiting for is exactly what these new social networks are supplying. Although I don’t think we’ll have another case like we saw with Myspace years back, it’s very possible that Facebook will lose some popularity in the near future, essentially losing its value in the advertising world. I think it’s clear that Facebook may never die, but there’s a good chance it will get weaker, soon.
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