Google Auto LeadGen Launched


Although they’ve made no announcements on their blog, nor anywhere officially, it’s been discovered that Google has added yet another feature to its arsenal. Designed much like it’s Google Advisor, Google has now launched Google Cars, apparently without telling anyone. It was reported by Brian Pasch on that Google Cars is a new feature that is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay area. Like has done for a while now, Google has implemented a feature that will inform consumers about the best deals in the auto industry, in proximity to their location or the location they search.

Google is simply launching the new feature to improve upon lead generation in the automotive industry. Participating automotive dealers have their car results listed on Google’s new feature, and then Google is compensated for the listing. Just like in their sponsored results and advertisements, the new Google Cars feature has a “Why these cars?” link, explaining the way it works with automotive dealer participants. It further explains the way that search results are presented, based on distance and MSRP.

The feature provides various options for the automotive shopper, including contacting dealers and finding quotes on cars. The consumer can learn about the way that cars are priced, the best deals on cars, and of course information about specific vehicles. Also, it shows the potential for consumers to have the ability to deal with things like make, model, interior, color, and other specifications. Commenters on Brian’s post have concern about the way it will effect sites like and One comment from Jason Mickelson reads, “Two comments suggest that this change would affect and I am interested in hearing more about how this would affect these two companies. I know that Autotrader and Cars would like to be new car lead providers, but both have struggled to gain traction. This will affect them, but won’t it affect AutoUSA, CarsDirect, Autobytel and companies like these more than the two companies whose primary business revolves around advertising pre-owned vehicles?”

As of right now, the feature is meant for lead generation for auto dealers, making the feature specifically designed for new car dealers, and not so much used. Being one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and advertising as a whole, lead generation is of utmost importance, so Google’s attempts to help out in the area will surely be a success. The format of the feature is similar to Google Advisor, announced in late 2011, but its design has been catered to create ease for the automotive consumer. Brian’s post provides a few examples of what the new feature will look like in the future, when released to the public, showing pop up window designs, contact pages for dealers and initial design. This new feature won’t be the most outstanding thing that Google has ever done, but it can help the automotive dealers and automotive advertising greatly. Google has always been great with helping out in the advertising world, and this is simply another way they will do so.

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