You know what you’ll never see? The CEO of a fortune 500 company out on Facebook complaining about his workers, or his advertisers, or how things “just don’t work right” in his company. For some reason CPA affiliate networks, their employees and sometimes even their owners and CEOs have turned recently to Facebook to complain about everything under the sun with their company. They seem to think that it’s a good idea to go on Facebook, and lay out all the payment problems they are having with other companies, to talk about how collections is hard, how they don’t like how their advertisers work and whatever stupid bad thing is happening at their company.

Let me make this clear: Facebook is not the place to lay out all your issues about your company or the companies you work with. It’s just plain stupid idea.

Perhaps the main reason that you shouldn’t be using Facebook to air all your dirty laundry is that it makes your company and you look very unprofessional. There is a reason you’ll never see a “real” company out on Facebook talking about all the issues they have. People like to think that the people who run companies are so busy doing business that they don’t have time to be on Facebook bitching about their business problems.

Yes, we all probably waste too much time on Facebook and it’s a complete mental drain and will lower your IQ every day you use it. However, let’s try to hope that the people running companies are spending more time on their finances, their employees and actually running a company than posting about how upset they are that advertisers keep on scrubbing them.  I promise you’re not going to find the answers to your business in a cute kitten photo or commenting on some douchebag’s Nissan.

Next, it’s a really dumb idea to air all your dirty laundry on Facebook because it makes people less likely to want to work with you. If Facebook is how you deal with issues, fewer companies will want to do business with you and risk that you’re going to immediately turn to Facebook to bitch and complain about your business. Who wants to take the risk that a simple business dispute will turn into your company, or an employee of yours “exposing” the company to the rest of the industry?

It means you are immature both in business and life, and if you didn’t have Facebook, you’d turn to crying on the phone with your girlfriends. This isn’t high-school, so let’s stop acting like it is. Unless you just got pregnant by the quarterback, I really don’t want to hear about all your problems. That’s what your therapist or bartender is for.

Last, perhaps the stupidest thing about posting all your issues on Facebook is that it makes your company look like its going down the tubes. If you need to turn to Facebook to talk about how hard it is at your company, then something must be really going wrong.

If you are an employee of the company, complaining about your advertisers, what is it going to make you think about the company’s financial stability? If you don’t have a good relationship with your advertisers, how am I supposed to think you are going to get paid? If turning to Facebook is how you deal with day-to-day issues at your company, or worse, how you collect money, then why the hell would I want to work with you? Are you so desperate that you need to use Facebook for collections? Are things really that bad at your company that your last hope is Facebook to figure things out?

If you are a manager or a CEO of company, and you are turning to Facebook to bitch about things, I’m assuming your company is in deep-shit trouble, or you just have a screw loose.

Affiliates, especially right now, want to work with companies that are financially stable and companies that have shown maturity and honesty. Advertisers similarly don’t trust fly by night networks run by some dufus in his basement who spends half his time masturbating to porn. Ever wonder why some networks only broker offers and all their employees spend all their time on Facebook bitching about everyone else?  It’s because no one will work with them from advertisers to major affiliates. They are trying desperately to pick up the pieces that the real companies drop in order to make a few bucks. If you look like one of those companies, you are most likely going to become one of those companies.

Facebook is a great place to do business, meet new people, but please for the love of Thor, STFU about your problems on Facebook and get back to work.


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