Not Paid by CPALead? Get $500 Reward


Seems that a competitor of content locking company CPALead has gone nuts on them, posting under different names on WarriorForum that they aren’t paying their bills to affiliates. While WarriorForum admins deleted most of the posts after finding they were posted by the same IP address, CPALead is taking the fight back to the accusers. They have decided to offer a reward of $500 for anyone who can “prove” that they were not really paid by CPALead for traffic. Most likely they aren’t going to have to pay a single dime to anyone.

CPALead, in an open letter to WarriorForum members wrote that it is their opinion that it is a competitor of theirs that is having significant financial problems and a “host of other woes” that is behind the anonymous posts. This comes only days after CPALead CEO Peter Tarr came out with a public offer to help EWA & BlamAds with any issues they might be happening financially in comments in this publication.

As many of you may know, there have been a lot of “suspicious” threads popping up in the last day or two that have called CPAlead into question as far as payments go. The majority of these threads are by new accounts or individuals who have a clear agenda and are trying to help others in the industry divert attention away from their own, real problems which circle around cash-flow, potential bankruptcy and a host of other financial woes.

So, rather than have a silly debate with fake posters. CPAlead wanted to clear the air once and for all by offering the following:

If you have not been paid on time and according to proper schedule by CPAlead (without any pending investigation for fraudulent activity or advertiser disputes), please share evidence with everyone here. If you can do that and have legitimate proof, we will give you a $500 gift certificate of your choice! So please, feel free to share your information right here on this thread for everyone to see. Be sure to include all relevant information – no rush either, we’ll be keeping an eye out and extending this courtesy all month long, so for those who have already posted – if legitimate – come claim your reward today and share with the rest of the community here.

If the other(s) in the content locking space, who are currently under scrutiny, have nothing to hide and are sincere in suggesting that they have been paying their publishers on time want to validate those claims then we invite that (or those) companies to join us here. After all, if they are paying their publishers then there is nothing to lose by joining this thread. In fact, they would only be validating what they are claiming to be true.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting strategies that we’ve seen a company take in order to nip competitor’s claims in the bud: show us the proof that anyone hasn’t been paid (even by mistake) and we’ll show you the money.  I had no idea that the content locking space was so competitive, but it seems that there are potentially tens of millions of dollars at stake based on which companies is seen as the most reliable. Affiliates are already scarred that companies will go out of business, and with COPEAC and EPIC failing recently, and questions about Neverblue popping up it makes sense that publishers are worried.

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