DirectTrack Loses More Clients


One can almost feel sorry for DirectTrack, who has seen its customer base slowly dwindle this last year.  Part of their issue was the massive failure DirectTrack suffered earlier this year, which became one of the biggest news stories of the industry. After dozens of networks and clients found that DirectTrack had no suitable back up system, many of them started looking for a way out.

Perhaps one of the other reasons is the enormous outreach that companies did after that failure, realizing that the one-time king of tracking was quickly losing any advantage it had to new comers such as LinkTrust, HasOffers and Cake Marketing. HasOffers even launched a campaign against DirectTrack a few days after their downtime,  specifically calling out that DirectTrack was last generation software and could not handle outages correctly — and that customers should expect it to happen again.

However Cake has been the most aggressive of the competitors and has actively been involved in trying to move clients from DirectTrack – and their persistence has paid off. Just this week, LegalZoom, which was one of the featured clients of DirectTrack decided to move their system to Cake. A press release said

 The strategic decision by LegalZoom to work with Cake Marketing was founded upon the Cake Marketing platform’s ability to offer a scalable and customizable solution to LegalZoom’s diverse and company-specific online marketing directives. “Providing mission-critical software for LegalZoom to further develop their business model will enable them the opportunity to act as industry leaders within the performance-based marketing space, and will allow Cake Marketing the opportunity to actively pursue more opportunities with large brands and advertisers,” said Jeff McCollum, President of Cake Marketing.

Even more embarrassing to DirectTrack is the loss of direct response agency DirectAgents that had just been featured in a whitepaper, which was still available for download as of writing this story.

Any clients or former clients of DirectTrack have an opinion about them?

DirectAgents recently moved to Cake Marketing to track all their client’s campaigns. Find more information about DirectAgents and how to partner with them.

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