Creativity is Key in Facebook Conversions


Today’s American youth has become focused strongly on music and artistic creativity. Referred to as “hipsters” by many, this new generation of younger people has a strong interest in artistic, creative new innovations, and not so much on the business world. Advertisers have found that calls-to-action in advertisements have been very successful in the past, and even now there are stronger ways to go about calling attention to advertisements. The question is, however, will it be enough in the coming future.

As this new generation ages into their upper 20’s, their interests don’t seem to be altering as much as is traditional. Usually, people are interested in discovering new things and creating new things when they are young, but as they grow up, they seem to become more business oriented. However, the kids of today show little signs of change. A new age of artists is sprouting, and creativity is key. Now, since so many advertisers are becoming increasingly interested in advertising with Facebook because of it’s popularity in the social media world, it is important that they think hard about the way they go about their advertisements.

According to Inside Facebook, about 15% of users are ages 13-17, and 52% are ages 18-25. This is the exact age demographic that has morphed into a generation stricken with booming interest in creativity, despite the recession that America has long been suffering.Of course, it is no news to anyone that the majority of Facebook are of the younger demographic, but it often isn’t easy to tell through research exactly what it is that kids are into.

Anyway, the point is that, for a generation that is so deeply involved in expanding their creative minds, it seems that creativity is what they will respond to. For example, Durex, a condom brand that has been on the heels of Trojan Condoms for far too long, has come out with a new advertisement that is receiving quite a bit of traffic. Although most teenagers are already quite interested in condoms, it is their new creative advertising that has gotten them the desired clicks. Featured on Facebook is a Durex advertisement that says that by clicking it, you can find just the right song to accompany the use of the condom, to keep it in simple terms. This ad is interesting, and it shows that Durex is as much about the joy of the act, as it is keeping it safe.

Facebook has become the hub of conversation for young people all over the world, but America is where it began and has been used since. It started as a place for college students, and it pretty much still is. The generation of 18-25 year olds today respond, not just in advertising but in anything, to creativity. Over the years, some advertising agencies have focused more on profit than their own creativity in advertising, and it may be about time to bring some of that back. Getting the attention of the younger people of the world is what is important, because they are more often than not the ones that respond.

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