Neverblue Adds Long Lead Validation


Neverblue, a premier global lead generation network, has added long lead validation, a new capability to its advertising platform. With long lead validation advertisers can review and revise conversions based on their campaign needs prior to final lead validation. Before long lead validation, advertisers tracked immediate sales, or shorter time frame campaigns.

With Neverblue’s long lead validation, advertisers have the flexibility to mix and match campaign actions as they see fit. Now, for example, travel campaigns that use a revenue share model can benefit from the ability to validate a lead after a traveler’s flight or booking is completed and they have the flexibility to also pay out on the initial customer signup. Likewise, advertisers with campaigns that have a delayed payout, such as mobile offers with carrier billing, benefit from long lead validation.

“We realize that in many industries there is a delay between initial inquiry and a completed sale or lead,” said Breen Liblong, Neverblue’s VP of Technology. “Neverblue’s new long lead validation feature gives advertisers the capability to pay out once revenue is realized. This opens up a new market of lead generation for the advertiser and allows even more flexibility than ever before by essentially placing conversions into a ‘pending’, state until the lead receives a final review.”
In the coming year, Neverblue plans to launch additional features to its global platform to further empower advertisers and affiliates worldwide.

About Neverblue
Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia with offices in Los Angeles, Europe and Asia, Neverblue is a premier global lead generation company delivering millions of profitable customers to clients from all over the world, including members of the Fortune 1000™.

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