DMG Launches Mobile Fraud Solution

Traffiliate for Mobile, DMG’s platform that provides comprehensive real-time visibility of mobile campaigns, now includes an anti click fraud solution for more accurate measurement of mobile ad effectiveness. Based on DMG’s extensive experience in mobile advertising, serving over 10 billion impressions monthly, this anti click fraud capability identifies unwanted clicks that can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars every month for mobile advertisers. In addition to reducing costs, this software provides a more accurate assessment of clicks, leading to better planning and more effective campaign results.

Click fraud, when a click is generated without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link, has become a growing concern for mobile advertisers. A Harris Interactive survey conducted last year reported that 47% of mobile application users clicked on mobile ads by mistake. Detecting accidental and fraudulent clicks for mobile advertising is more complex due to the variety of devices and browsers and the difficulty identifying unique IP addresses for each user. DMG utilizes a sophisticated system to detect suspicious patterns that can work around these technical complexities

According to Shalom Berkovitz, CEO of DMG, “In today’s emerging mobile realm, advertisers are more likely to pay per click, and are demanding a high level of accuracy for meeting their target audience. We are leading the industry by providing tools that can enforce a high level of integrity and trust enabling advertisers to more effectively use mobile advertising as part of their marketing mix.”

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