DataPop Increases ROI


DataPop, a fast growing digital marketing technology company, is generating dramatic increases in sales for marketers and ad agencies using its Creative Science ad platform. Introduced last year, the patent-pending platform is optimizing more than $100MM in advertising spend for many top agency and technology partners and leading consumer brands. By creating custom ads that adjust and relate to consumer intent in real time, its customers are experiencing 40% average increases in sales and a 15% reduction in the cost of acquiring the sales.

        --  eRetailer Bag Borrow Or Steal has significantly increased its sales of
            designer hand bags and increased return on ad spend by 31% since using
            the DataPop platform. Its high end customers get ads they love to
            click on through 1000s of unique ads that are generated from the
            platform each day.
        -- saw leads and conversion rates increase by 125% and
            72% respectively, while lowering its cost per lead by 29%. DataPop's
            platform leverages the most relevant promotions and information about
            ABetterStay's 2000+ properties to develop unique, dynamic ads that
            drive deeper engagement and improved ROI

The DataPop platform enables marketers to build millions of unique ads per day that are machine generated but read as if a person handcrafted each individual ad. DataPop’s patent-pending technology uses semantic algorithms and natural language processing systems to precisely determine what will matter most to consumers. Based on these insights, it generates the perfect ad for each product or service the marketer is selling. Marketers get highly relevant customized campaigns that drive greater advertiser reach, deeper customer engagement and superior ROI. In short, consumers get ads they love to click on and marketers can get back to marketing by shifting their time from publisher tactics to marketing strategies.

Marketers Report Ads with Higher Relevance and ROI

        --  RPA: "DataPop's platform enables our campaign management teams to
            unlock unique value for our clients," says Mike Margolin VP of
            Interactive Marketing at RPA, whose clients include Honda, Acura and
            La-Z-Boy among others. "The insights we glean from their creative
            optimization platform help us deliver ads with higher relevance,
            driving greater ROI for our clients. And since we are fully integrated
            across all marketing channels, the insights are enabling stronger
            execution for creative optimization across several ad formats and
        --  IgnitionOne:  Presenting offers that connect with target consumers is
            essential for moving inventory quickly and outpacing competition
            according to James Yancey, VP of Strategy at IgnitionOne: "As a
            leading ad technology platform, we are always trying to innovate on
            behalf of our customers. DataPop's creative optimization solution
            brings a unique set of capabilities to our customer base, allowing us
            to deliver more qualified volume at a lower cost."
        --  Bag Borrow or Steal:  "As we rapidly grow our customer base through
            regular promotions, we rely on DataPop's platform for seamless
            management of those promotions in our ad messaging," says Russ Blain,
            CEO of Bag Borrow or Steal. "Presenting offers that connect with our
            target consumer is essential for moving inventory quickly and
            outpacing our competition."

“The internet has changed everything about advertising except for the most important piece of the marketing equation — the ad itself,” says Jason Lehmbeck, CEO and co-founder of DataPop. “DataPop’s creative optimization platform enables marketers to radically alter the way they engage with customers. Consumers don’t want more ads –they’re flooded with them. They want answers that adjust and relate in real-time based on what they desire. Our platform enables marketers to dynamically present customized ad copy to their customers in an automated manner which until recently, was not possible to do on a large scale.”

By blending the art and science of marketing, the DataPop “Creative Science” platform gives marketers the tools to turn their ads into answers at unprecedented scale. “That’s the real promise of internet advertising,” continued Lehmbeck.

About DataPop DataPop’s mission is to make marketers’ lives easier and give them the technology they need to build ads that people love to click on. Since its founding in 2008 by DoubleClick, Yahoo! and Overture Services alums, DataPop has radically transformed the online ad industry. Its scientifically based creative optimization platform matches online advertising offers to consumer intent, resulting in highly relevant customized campaigns that drive deeper customer engagement and ROI. For more information, visit .

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