Acai Marketer Brian Weiss Killed


Please note this story was written hours before there was much known. We have learned since that the person involved was one of Mr. Weiss’ business investment partners Gary Zalevsky — and the events surrounding this story get more like a crime novel involving Russian money, offshore investments and illegal transactions.

There is breaking news that Brian Weiss, formerly one of the biggest Acai rebill marketers in the industry was may have killed today by what is rumored to have been possibly a Russia hit squad. While his name has not been released publicly, the Times Leger of Queens reported:

 One hotel worker said he noticed eight suspicious men meeting in a café near the lobby before hearing the shots. Seconds before the first shot was fired, the worker said one of the men had asked where the bathroom was and left the room.

“It was as if he knew,” the worker said. “Something suspicious was going on.”

A photo of the scene showed what appeared to be the murder victim lying face-up in a pool of blood with the apparent shooter hunched over a nearby chair after the DA said he used the gun to shoot himself.

According to some reports, the men had been arguing loud enough to gain attention by passerby.

Mr. Weiss was rumored to have had associations with some criminal aspects of the industry and had owed a great deal of money to less than savory characters.

 This story is still in progress.

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