How to Choose the Right Domain Name


Choosing the right domain name for your website can prove to be a daunting task. It sucks when every domain name you come up with is taken. But if you’re able to put in a little bit of creativity, you can find a domain name that not only sounds good, but is also relevant.

There isn’t a “foolproof” formula to find the best domain names. However, here are a few tips to help you simplify the whole process.

1) Go for a .com Domain Name – If you want to build a site that people will remember and brand it well, then choosing a dot-com domain name is crucial. It’s a known fact that people are more accustomed to dot-com domains, so it makes sense to get one instead of a dot-net or dot-org. You could lose out on a good amount of type-in traffic if you avoid dot-com.

2) Get a Unique Domain –  The last thing you want is people mistyping your domain name or worse, going to another popular site owned with a similar name. You should see to it that you’re being unique in your domain choice. Resist the urge of going for a domain name that is a plural or hyphenated version of some other domain. Remember, creating long term consistent traffic to your site depends on multiple factors and this is one of them.

3) Make Sure It’s Easy to Type – Let’s face it – simple domain names rock. If there’s a lot of effort going into typing the domain name to avoid spelling errors, then it’s not worth it. The marketing and branding value of the domain name automatically go down. You want a domain name that’s easy to type and as well as memorable. Also, stay away from any names that sound like tongue twisters.

4) Keep It Short and Sweet – Domain names that are short and to the point not only look good, but are also easy to remember. Besides that, you also get to have more characters in the URL, which is good from the SEO point of view. It may look challenging to come up with a short domain name, given that many are taken. What you can do is use a combination of two simple words together to form a name.

5) Say No to Hyphens and Numbers – While it may look cool to use hyphens and numbers in your domain name, it’s a good idea to avoid them. They not only make it hard to give out your name verbally, but it can also be confusing to type. Your domain name has to be crystal clear in every possible way.

6) Keep Copyright Infringement in Mind –  There aren’t many cases of copyright infringement when it comes to domain names, but it’s something you need to be aware of. It’s a mistake that can cost you a great deal. To ensure that you’re not infringing on someone’s copyright, pay a visit to and do a search before making a decision.

How do you go about choosing your domain names? Do share your ideas in the comments section below!

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