Creating Persuasive Content that Works


No matter what type of content you create, it has to be persuasive to leave an impact. That’s the kind of content that gets shared and remembered.

So how do you really do that? What does it take to be a persuasive writer? How can you go about creating outstanding content whenever you want?

Here are a few effective tips to help you do that…

#1: Have Your Main Benefit in the Headline: If you want your readers to actually read your content then you need to first tell them why. People browsing the web have a pretty short attention span. Respect their time and be clear with your headline. Let your readers know what they will get out of your content.

#2: Have a Great Opening Paragraph: The purpose of your opening paragraph is to pull your readers in. It has to invoke interest and curiosity. Each sentence matters here, which basically means “no fluff”.

#3: Dive Into the Details: Your content will only stand out from the rest if it gives information that’s valuable. And to do that, you have to make sure it’s detailed. Creating in-depth content gives you an edge over the competition. It gives your readers a strong, positive impression about you.

#4: Use Metaphors: Most of the content on the Internet fails to leverage metaphors. But you can be different by using them, since they allow you to explain your ideas clearly by relating to something your readers already know. Don’t underestimate the power of metaphors – they work great when used effectively.

#5: Use Statistics: The more credibility you add to your content, the better results you will get. By using statistics, you will make your information more concrete and trustable. Your readers will value your content more when they see you using the right stats to explain a fact. Besides that, you get to use graphs and charts – making your content more vibrant and scan-friendly.

#6: Write in a Conversational Tone: The way you present your content plays a huge role. When you write in a conversational tone, it helps you connect with your readers. They feel more comfortable knowing that it’s a real person behind the words. Since nobody likes to talk to a company – using a dry, corporate tone of voice is a definite no-no.

#7: Avoid the Use of Jargon: Obscure words may look appealing, but ultimately they tend to confuse readers. You should try to use simple words that even novice readers can understand. The moment your readers feel like they’re reading a technical instructional manual, they’ll stop.

#8: Aim for a High Engagement Level: Your content needs to be highly focused on the readers. Make sure you’re using the word ‘You’ more than the word ‘I’. That’s what makes it engaging and fun to read. Remember, it’s all about them, not you.

#9: Deliver on Your Promise: The promise that you make in the headline should be delivered throughout your content. Your readers shouldn’t feel like they’ve been deceived. Give them the ultimate value so that they leave happy.

Do you have any unique ideas for creating persuasive content? Do share them below in the comments section!

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