6 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Blog Traffic


We all know how important a blog is for an online marketer to reach out to his target audience and build important relationships. This is why you see many aspiring Internet marketers jumping on to the blogging bandwagon.

Creating a blog is not difficult, anybody can do it with the number of tools we have today. However, getting traffic to your blog is what most struggle with.

Here are 6 simple things you can do to boost your blog traffic and keep it coming:

1) Create Epic Content – What’s the use of building a blog if it’s going to have ordinary content? If you want to stand out of the crowd and actually attract attention and traffic, focus on creating epic content. Something that gets your target audience to stand up and take notice. Make it irresistible, remarkable.

2) Write Guest Posts – This is probably one of the most underused blog traffic generation methods. Write a bunch of high quality guest posts and get them published on relevant blogs that get good traffic. There must be tons of blogs out there in your niche that accept guest articles.  It might sound intimidating at first, but the whole process is very doable even for a brand new blogger.

3) Have a Unique Selling Proposition – There are millions of blogs on the Internet, with more getting added each day. What makes yours different? Why should people read your blog and not your competitors? Creating a USP or a unique selling point is really important if you want to stand out from the rest and attract quality traffic. The more unique and different your blog is, the better it is. If your blog’s awesome, people will talk about it and you’ll start getting free referral traffic through word of mouth.

4) Make It Sticky – Turning your blog sticky helps you get loyal readers that keep coming back for more. Give your visitors a reason to visit your blog on a regular basis. Make it easy for them by getting them to subscribe to your RSS feed or your email list. Having a loyal readership is essential because you can use it as a base to get more traffic, more subscribers.

5) Connect to Influential Bloggers – Unlike the old days of the Internet, connecting to influencers is easy today. Thanks to social media, you can reach out to top industry experts with a simple tweet and have them reply back. Building relationships with influential and well known bloggers is the key to increasing your blog’s exposure/traffic overtime. You can actually leverage these relationships to spread your content and become well-known yourself.

6) Link Out to Other Blogs – By intelligently linking out to other blogs within your industry, you have a higher chance of getting known and discovered. Many have this misconception that it’s not right to link out as it’ll drain your page rank. But even if it does affect your PageRank, that’s okay! You are giving back to your community and the other blogs will probably link to your blog in the future.

What steps do you usually take to increase traffic to your blog? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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