Zynga Leaving Facebook


While Zynga is known as a Facebook success story, it seems that they have decided to start to pull away from being a Facebook application. While it will be possible to continue to play Zynga games on Facebook, Zynga has decided to focus its business mainly on their new Zynga.com.

Zynga.com is designed to make it easier for you to play with friends. We’re excited to offer new features like the live Social Stream which will enable you to play in real time with your friends and find new ones. Player profiles will let you check your friends’ helpfulness score to see who’s most likely to help you back. And you’ll be able to chat and play live with your friends and a community of players interested in the same games as you.At Zynga, our first value is to build games our friends and family love to play. And when we launch a new product or game, for us it’s like Christmas day with the chance to surprise and delight millions of you.

One of the reasons that they are going to try to push play on their site, is to move away from the every so growing restrictions for advertisers on Facebook. This will provide marketers a new place to try new techniques and work outside the Facebook platform.

Another interesting part about this announcement is that this will basically create a new platform that will compete with Facebook. People have often pointed out that many Facebook users are social users, while some are completely engrossed in the games, making for a different audience. This will basically create a new social network which is completely focused on casual gamers, and in theory a load of women who love harvesting fake wheat. This in itself is a huge plus for advertisers.

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